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What is quitting?

Lord, please help me to pull up my self in this drowning sea of depression and stress. Please help me not to quit. 

Lately, I always feel like I’ve been taken out from this world. like I used to be a human, but now I am an intergalactic invisible scam. I feel that I have no purpose at all why am I here and why am I not there. Keep kicking, pulling up my self but every time I kick the pressure is pulling me down three times stronger than I kick. I feel hopeless. I feel nothing. I really don’t know what to do. I tried to tell it to human that has brain that can comprehend vividly four times better that a dog. But then, I ended up smiling and feel contended hugged by my friend’s dog, kissed by this dog. To think he is not my dog, and he barely see as rare as I see my closest friends, but when he ran towards me like he’s excited to see me, when I even forgot his name. Why on earth people, HUMANS, can’t  be these way? YU MADAH FUKER MAKE FEEL YOUR OWN SPECIE TO QUIT WHEN THERE IS NOTHING TO QUIT ABOUT BECAUSE I HAVE NOTHIING!!!!! I feel the differences of each other, and worst part is they will let know that. Why others, have these and I don’t? BECAUSE I CHOSE TO BE HERE. I chose to be like this what the hell. I need to go because this is not my computer it is my friend friend’s computer.